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Project Objectives

1. Implementation of mobile applications
2. The integration of services and application to enable extensive data collection

The second objective is to integrate monitoring systems, which will enable the collection of data from sensors and other devices through wireless communication technologies. We will also integrate various devices through their monitoring systems into the platform. The integration of the mentioned elements into AgroIT platform has the following value added: various data will be available to farmERP and decision support system to enable decision support. FarmERP will enable electronically reporting of statistical data to government institutions and EU institutions.


  • Data collected from sensors brings new possibilities for analyses and decision support (farmer).
  • Better possibilities to demand additional data to be electronically reported and this is a basis for better data analysis to define strategies and directives for farming (government institutions)
3. Implementation of advanced decision support for farming

The third objective is to enable advanced decision support for farming.


  • Availability of timely and specific consulting service on the spot (farmer).
  • More efficient use of resources on the farm due to timely information and integrated data (farmer)
  • Saving a lot of administration work (farmer)
  • Possibility to collect more data from farmers than currently (government institutions)
  • Possibility to offer application for consulting service in the cloud for farming: consulting in general or for niche areas with high expertise needed (companies, advisory services)
4. Integration and creating of open standards for integration

The fourth objective is to integrate individual elements into platform as a whole and to create open standards for integration: within AgroIT platform and with AgroIT platform. Standards will be published under public domain or creative-commons license to allow collaboration, large support within the industries and communities.


The overall objective of the project is to implement AgroIT platform. This is an open platform based on open standards. AgroIT will deliver applications and services to various stakeholders: farmers, local communities, state institutions, consulting institutions in farming (government founded and private) and EU institutions.

It will help accelerate the transfer of innovative applications and services to the Europe-wide market by: quicker integration of new ICT elements (applications, services, monitoring systems) into the platform and as a consequence quicker transfer of integrated ICT solution to market. As we will define open standards, farmers will not be limited to selection of our products (products, which will be finalized based on prototypes implemented within this project).


Project acronym AgroIT


Project title Increasing the efficiency of farming through on open standards based AgroIT platform

Grant agreement No. 621031

Call identifier CIP-ICT-PSP-2013-7

Call details ICT PSP seventh call for proposals 2013, Pilot Type B

Project value €5,042,001.00

EC contribution €2,521,000.00

Duration 31 months;
March 2014 – September 2016

Work packages


Analysis, requirements gathering and specifications

Duration: 10 month
WP1 objectives


Technical specifications

Duration: 5 month
WP2 objectives
  • Defining implementation methodology and create detailed implementation plan as well as directions for implementation plan updating
  • Gathering technical characteristics of AgroIT components: applications, services, prototypes and devices
  • Selecting components to be implemented and technological prototypes to be used
  • Creating model of AgroIT technical architecture
  • Selecting technologies to be used, including mobile platforms (Android, iOS, etc.)
  • Setup common working environment: development environment at software partners’ side, common development environment for software partners and testing environment at agricultural partners


Implementation and integration of Agro IT platform

Duration: 22 month

WP3 objectives
  • Implementation of farmERP
  • Implementation of monitoring systems for sensors and devices
  • Implementation of decision support system
  • Implementation of cloud application for consulting service in the cloud
  • Implementation of mobile applications
  • Implementation of integration web services for all platform components: applications and monitoring systems
  • Implementation of integration module
  • Implementation of cloud infrastructure, orchestration and automation


Pilot and analysis

Duration: 17 month

WP4 objectives
  • Analyzing environments in pilot countries and create directions and instructions for environments in pilot countries: organizational issues, acceptance issues, etc.
  • Preparing and organizing workshops for end users in pilot environments
  • Installing technical infrastructure in pilot environments
  • Creating project plans for pilot projects in pilot environments/countries
  • Executing pilot projects in pilot countries and monitor pilot execution and use
  • Performing interaction with WP3 to enable iterative improvements of AgroIT platform
  • Creating scalability and sustainability analysis of pilot projects


Duration: 31 month
WP5 objectives
  • Ensuring high impact of project results and experience gained
  • Reaching widespread awareness and understanding of the project results and their use

Project management

Duration: 31 month
WP6 objectives
  • Providing sound administrative and financial management coordination based on accepted rules and FP7 guidelines.
  • Setting up a framework for communication and managing communication flow between Consortium and the EC.