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Map of Europe with project partner countries  

Project Partners

Datalab d.d., Slovenia (Coordinator)

T +386 1 252 89 00 | |

At Datalab, we’re committed to developing ERP business information software, consulting and training. Our experts come from different fields and have extensive knowledge and experience in solving issues and questions occurring with the use of modern business information systems.

EFOS d.o.o., Slovenia

T +386 5 757 75 42 | |

Efos is a relatively young company which is focused on providing complete solutions mainly in the field of environment and food safety. Our experts have profound national and international experiences in developing, implementing and maintaining both small and large scale (national level) solutions used by thousand of users every day.

Farmers Federation in the Republic of Macedonia, FYR Macedonia

T +389 02 3099 044 | |

Federation of Farmers of Republic of Macedonia is a voluntary, non-partisan, non-governmental association of citizens who work together all the farmers who are members of agricultural associations in the country to exercise their rights and interests in a modern and democratic way. FFRM is formed by seven national and four regional alliances on 29 July 2002 Kavadarci Federation Macedonian farmers. The purpose of this reunion is to perform an organized and unified the institutions, to increase the bargaining power of farmers and protect their rights and interests.

Freedom Grow, Sistemas de Informação SA, Portugal

T +351 229 396 354 | |

Freedom Grow is a technology based company that offers easy and cost effective monitoring and IoT solutions based on wireless sensors networks. Freedom Grow team has strong competencies and large experience in the design, development, integration and implementation of monitoring solutions that may integrate multiple sensors and actuators, use several communication protocols, present information through web and mobile interfaces and run automatic analyses to launch alert workflows. Innovation is very important for Freedom Grow so we developed partnerships with knowledge centers and industry to keep developing and offering innovative and cost effective monitoring and IoT solutions to the market.


Pessl Instruments GmbH, Austria

T +43 3172 55 21 | |

Pessl Instruments has been producing reliable and inexpensive measuring instruments for more than 25 years. At an early point in our history, we tackled many of the questions arising from the use of measuring instruments such as: What is the best way to evaluate the measurement results and how can these results be improved? Today, we supply the hardware as well as straightforward software solutions that set the benchmark for international co-operation. They control the equipment and record, transfer, and process the results. hey help to work more profitably and efficiently in many areas, and to save resources.

Przemysłowy Instytut Maszyn Rolniczych, Poland

T +48 61 8712 200 | |

Industrial Institute of Agricultural Engineering has been conducting research, developing and testing of agricultural machines and tractors in Poland since 1946. PIMR is a member of Chamber of Industry & Commerce of Agricultural & Food Processing Machines and co-operates with other scientific organizations and industrial and trading enterprises in Poland and abroad for technological progress of agricultural machines and tractors.

Nowadays the Institute tests machinery for conformity with national and European safety requirements, conducts research and development works in range of virtual prototyping and optimisation of the new constructions of machines, co-operates with farmers and producers to improve the quality of new agricultural techniques, conducts research on and optimises the selection of structural materials to be used for working and carrying elements of agricultural machines and conducts research on the disposal of worn out plastic parts of agricultural machines.

Mattig Management Partners RO S.R.L., Romania

T +40 21 318 55 11 | |

Our international team, who regularly pursue advanced training opportunities, have solid educations and outstanding qualifications which complement each other, enabling them to provide optimal service at all times. At Mattig Management Partners, our clients can expect extremely well informed and highly motivated staff members.

Sinergise, Laboratory for GIS, d.o.o., Slovenia

T +386 1 477 66 76 | |

Sinergise provides specialized development of high-quality geographic information systems for complex applications and demanding customers. Although we focus mainly on large distributed systems for agriculture and real-estate management (such as Land Parcel Identification System – LPIS – or Cadastre), our knowledge and expertise are much wider: GIS-related custom development, research and consulting are all part of our service portfolio in Slovenia, EU and further abroad.

University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
T +386 1 476 84 11 | |

The Faculty of Computer and Information Science is the leading teaching and research institution in the field of ComputerScience in Slovenia, and in spite of its comparatively short history it has a number of active research groups, as well as a lengthy roster of alumni, some of whom have achieved distinction in various fields of computer science in Slovenia and abroad.

SEGES, Denmark
T +45 8740 5000 | |

SEGES P/S is a limited partnership company and the main supplier of professional knowledge for the agricultural professions. We work within all areas of farming. From the overall agricultural subjects within plant production and animal husbandry to finance, tax, law, IT, landscape architecture, accounting, human resources, education, environment and nature conservation. This is done in close cooperation with universities, ministries and professional and industrial bodies.

Advisory Board

The multi-disciplinary AgroIT consortium established an Advisory Board, absolutely needed for the future effective widespread exploitation of the project results. Our goal is to consult this advisory board on regular basis.

Marija Klopčič

Assistant Professor – Senior Researcher in Animal Husbandry, Cattle Breeding and Knowledge Transfer at the Department of Animal Science, Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana

Andreas Mattig

CEO/President of the Board, Mattig Management Partners AG; Associate Researcher at the University of St. Gallen; Industrial Dynamics

Iver Thysen

Scientific Adviser, The Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education

Hermann Hausdorf

Expert adviser, Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES)

Mihai Botu, PhD

Professor at University of Craiova (2001 to present) and Principal Researcher at the R&D Center Valcea (1992 to present)