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"Hawk" Stable is located in the small village Zamysłowo near Stęszew, approx. 20 km from Poznan. Stable continues to grow from year to year investing in the infrastructure and plans for the coming years. It acts to ensure the welfare of all animals. For each horse we take care individually. We provide them first and foremost the right amount of roughage, which according to nature should be the basis of food and reach content feed in the form of our production crushed oat. We care about the cleanliness of stalls, order in the stable and the right amount of outdoor activity, in the company of other horses, throughout the year. Project AgroIT allowed to install environmental conditions sensors in the stables thanks to, the welfare conditions of animals can be monitored throughout the year and adjust the temperature in the boxes for the comfort of our pupils. We invite you to the annual horse race (September), Day of hunters - Hubertus (November) and fireplace events (summer weekends).​​

Joanna Grzelak - Owner


Happy pigs​

Animals to properly develop seemed to be that they need only feed and a piece of space to sleep and rest. A long time ago I discovered that this is not all. Suitable company of other animals, space to play and sometimes the toys, a little bit of ground and pleasant conditions in summer allows piglets to reach the fullness of happiness. After mounting the sensors and observation of animal behavior, I observed that it is not only the room temperature improves their well-being but also humidity has a great influence. To improve the conditions I installed automatic drinking bowls for animals and the distributed ventilation tubes with spray nozzles and water mist. I have yet to try the effect of music on the development of the pigs. Apparently, the music soothes the savage.

Łukasz Wachowiak - owner​



​The Agriculture and Pomology Research Farm (APRF) in Przybroda was established in 1994 after restructuring the estate managed previously by : Poznań University (1946-1951), Higher Agricultural School (1951-1972) and Agriculture University (since 1972). Presently it is one of ten experimental farms belonging to Poznań Agriculture University. Providing the University a base for research and educational activity, putting new technologies into practice as well as high level of plant and animal production are among the main tasks of the Farm. Total area reaches 490 hectares (400 ha ploughland and 50 ha orchard area). In the orchards was used for comparison with existing analog pheromone traps, new Efos automatic Trapview product. Etraps worked perfectly, saving a lot of time and ideally indicating the timing of the spraying. The subsoil humidity sensors arranged in rows of trees have also proven its usefulness. It is worth to mention that 10 % of orchard area are occupied by experiments carried out mainly by the Department of Pomology. With its dormitory and modern canteen in a palace the Farm is also an important center of students education and practical training of new solutions and technologies. 

Filip Mazur - Director