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Pilot farms in Romania​

With the new ICT tools developed and integrated in the last years, access to data and information is faster and accessible. Decisions on farm is made now based on data collected from fields, using prediction and growing models for the plants.
All pests are automated monitored using TrapView and spraying on farm is done in optimal periods of time.
Farming is easy and attractive using management systems (Pantheon farming) to create strategic plans to manage risks, for higher yields and optimized costs.

"With AgroIT, farming become more business oriented, giving us more free time to discover new opportunities on the market.​"

​SC Fructis Trading SRL member of Cerasus Group of Fruit Producers, Romania​

The main activities on our farm are crop farming (cereals, sunflowers, and pastures) and animal husbandry (dairy and beef cattle). The total surface is around 210ha, 35-40 heads of dairy cattle and 30 head of beef cattle in the stable. We conduct our activities according to environmental rules with special focus on increasing field soil fertility and to obtain flavorful and ecological milk and beef. We’re looking for niches in traditional products and PANTHEON Farming help us keep track of production processes and increase efficiency. During the time we’ve been using PANTHEON Farming at the farm, there were new features developed, such as rent contract management, which is a really big help for us.
The benefits came with using AgroIT tools. We can say now that it save time with registers and consulting data. The tools also helped with automatic calculations and alerts.

“I can’t imagine myself keeping records on paper or in Excel anymore” 

said Mr. Andrei Alexe, farmer at Rokura Pilot Farm.


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