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​"Being a family farm that has been around from the 1950s and working in different farming activities, management can be quite difficult. On our farm we constantly strive to improve the condition of our produce, always favoring quality over quantity, which – in my opinion – sets us apart from competing farms. The AgroIT project, along with the PANTHEON farming software, allows us to more efficiently monitor our farming activities, makes tracking and planning easier whilst also improving work flow and transparency. The program offers a variety of solutions, which makes it very versatile and suitable for anyone looking for an all-in-one package."


As a livestock and wheat farmer I've taken interest in the PANTHEON farming program due to its wide range of use. The program itself is quite user friendly. It merges all managing aspects of a farm into a simple-to-use program and in combination with the AgroIT project you can even integrate sensors to monitor the farm.  I am particularly keen on stable sensors, as they are able to monitor things such as temperature, humidity, etc., allowing me to optimize the conditions best suited for my cattle, making for the best living environment, and maximizing productivity and produce quality. I would recommend the program to anyone looking to integrate technology into their daily farming routine in a way that boosts their productivity and overall product quality.​


"A 160 ha farm takes a lot of work to efficiently oversee and with many side activities such as a horse riding school, horse nurturement, and meat processing just to mention a few, an all-in-one solution is very hard to come by. With our sights set on improvement and further development of our farm, time is scarce for accounting and other management aspects. The AgroIT project, along with the PANTHEON Farming program, makes farm management a lot simpler, offering a solution to all our needs in one simple package that is versatile and easy to get the hang of. This gives us more time to focus on expanding our vent​ures into new waters and improving the quality of our produce and services."

- STARIHA Farm -​