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​product improvements


PANTHEON Farming Software Improvements                

Software in general has to meet market and legislative requirements, which is why it has to be developed and improved continuously. The PANTHEON Farming software is no different. This is why Datalab has upgraded and expanded PANTHEON Farming with new features, making farm management easier and more efficient.​

PANTHEON Farming on your PC

We've worked assiduously to improve the desktop version of PANTHEON Farming as well. Besides the new look of the user interface, the software has undergone a slew of improvements and upgrades.

Data import & Setup wizard

    • Setup wizard for simplified database implementation
  • Data import from web service for different localization
  • Specialized items for each country
–Agriculture products

Data analysis

•Dashboards created based on inserted data
•Help farmers with decision making and data overview
–Reproduction (Cattle, Pigs)
–Milk production
–Crop production

Reproduction (cattle) dashboard
–Overview of missed and expected events
–Calculation of costs and reproduction parameters


Milk production (cattle) dashboard
–Overview of milk quality and quantity

Datalab_PAFA_MIlk production_cattle_dashboard.png.jpg
​​​​​Crop production dashboard

Datalab_PAFA_crop production_cattle_dashboard.png


•Simplified overview and reporting preparation
•Crop production reports
•Livestock reports


TrapView (EFOS) integration

Integration of data from TrapView to PANTHEON Farming: import of traps from web service​, overview of data (pests) from traps, image from each trap on demand, etc. 


iMETOS (Pessl) integration

•Overview of data from individual weather station
•Data filtering
•Possible of manual data adding



The cattle farming module now includes a meal module, where you can accurately calculate meal compositions for different animal types and categories. The module gives you insight into which nutrients an animal needs based on the expected milk yield or growth, allowing you to optimize feeding operations.


We've also prepared specialized meal calculations for pig breeders.


The poultry module is completely new and designed specifically with broilers in mind. Special features of this module include the option to assign animals to flocks and logging tasks particular to poultry breeding.


Another new addition is the grass module which will help you use available grassland more efficiently.


We've simplified the wine module to make it more user-friendly. You can also prepare reports such as the Wine sales report, Registration in the register of winemakers and grape growersReport annual wine/must productionReport wine in stock as of 31 July, and Report Oenological Processes on Wine/Must

Fruit & Nuts

A new module designed to help you manage your orchards and plantations accurately and keep an eye on the work processes. In addition to fruit growing tasks, you can also calculate how much fertilizer you need based on the fruit variety.


For farming to be successful it's important to monitor phenophases, agroclimatic data, and pests. You can now import data to PANTHEON Farming from PESSL weather stations, and from TrapView electronic traps to keep an eye on the number and species of pests on your farm. ​​

Mobile Application

FA Mobile - Spraying calculator

•Enables calculation of needed sprayer
•Enables preparation of spraying mixture on site
•Helps saving sprayer
–Lower costs
–Saves environment

​​​​​PA FA MObile_ plant protection calc.png

FA Mobile - Trapview (EFOS) integration

•Data accessible also in mobile application
•Overview of traps
•Pest data from each trap (table & graphical)

PAFAMobile Pessl1.png PAFAMobile Pessl2.png

FA Mobile - iMETOS (Pessl) integration
  • - Data accessible also in mobile application
  • - Overview of weather stations
  • - Weather data from each station

  • FA mobile iMETOS.png

PlugThings)) Agro Software Improvements

PlugThings)) Agro is a vertical monitoring solution for precision farming, enabling companies to monitor, measure and control the production process using wireless sensors and actuators networks. The system was built with the development platform PlugThings)) Framework, enabling its expandability and scalability. For this project FreedomGrow has updated and expanded his solution with new features.

Data acquisition

​​Libelium Boards are used to acquire data from sensors
Data sent to PlugThings)) Agro server in XML format using 3G or WiFi Communication
Data is stored PlugThings)) Agro Database

Data analysis

  • Workflows process the data and per previously defined threshold alerts can be triggered
  • Helps farmers with decision making.

  • Pic 1.png

PlugThings)) Agro on your PC

We did work on the improvement of the PlugThings)) Agro web application. We added new features and new language support (Polish).​

Pic 2.png ​Pic  3.png


  • ​​Map

    Implemented to represent the location of the group, its subgroup and entities. Helps to locate the sensor.

  • Groups and Subgroups
        Groups of entities are representation of the real-world groups assets. We improved this feature by allowing the user to create           any number of group levels as required for each farm.

  • Tasks
        A feature that helps the farmer to plan and control the tasks in his farm. Has a calendar and a To-do list. Tasks can be assign to a       specific user or to all members from the group.

  • Material
        A feature that helps to control the number of material assets, locate the asset and request new material.

  • Libelium Station
        A feature that helps the farmer to manage all Libelium boards station and to configure which sensors are used for each station.         There are two types of stations used:

          • ​​​        -SmartAgriculture: Soil moisture; Soil temperature; Leaf wetness; Solar radiation; Atmospheric pressure; Anemometer; Wind             vane; Pluviometer; Air temperature; Air humidity;

  •        - SmartEnvironment: Carbon Monoxide (CO); Carbon Dioxide (CO2); Oxygen (O2); Methane (CH4); Ammonia (NH3);                               Temperture; Humidity; Atmospheric pressure;

PlugThings)) Agro Mobile Application

Freedom Grow has developed a Mobile application by using our own web services implemented for the integration platform. Since the desktop version of the application is responsive we choose to create a version only for tablets. This version is still in beta phase.

The application allows the user to access all information related to groups, entities, boards and the last ten data acquisitions from each board.

Pic 4.png Pic 5.png