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Project Results

Region Great Poland,
various pilot farms​​


Region Novo mesto,
farm Damijan Vrtin​​​



Integrated platform will enable farmers to get all applications they need: ERP for SME’s (with all accountancy functionalities), mobile applications for easier data entry and report review, decision support system for better farm management and automatic data collection through sensors and other devices on the farm.

Government and EU institutions will have possibility for better policies and strategies in the area of agriculture due to possibility to demand electronic reporting of integrated data to perform various analyses.

Example: Per their daily work assignment, a farmer knows they need to cut the grass. Through the use of GPS, a mobile application knows that they are on a particular meadow. The mobile application invites the farmer to indicate the start of an activity (mowing the meadow). At the end, they simply make a click to indicate they have finished and specify one or more of the following parameters: all grass is cut, percentage of grass cut, remarks etc.

Example: Government institution analyst performs analysis on meadow surface exploitation due to electronically reported data regarding this issue. Based on analysis done government analyst concludes that farmers must be motivated for better meadow surface exploitation and defines directive regarding this issue.



Farming Glass